The Artwork

I conceived the Contraption Series after doing a short film commission for A3C and the Atlanta Film Festival. The short film, “Phony Freestyle”, was about how freestyle has changed from its true artform of improvising lyrics in the moment to reciting pre-written rhymes stored on their cellphones. As a way to conclude the film, I contrasted the lack of true freestyling  to a loose plot of my observation of how typical businesses (check cashing, liquor stores, dialysis clinics) are designed to ultimately serve as pitfalls, as well as, implement a certain mentality within the black community.


One night while working on an editing project, I BEGAN THINKING about how this conspiracy would look in the style of Rube Goldberg. To me, the way conspiracy works is through uncommon relationships between people, things and circumstances. It actually made sense that it would look like a Rube Goldberg machine which is essentially an overly complicated device created to perform a simple task. Through this inspiration, I began working on The Contraption Series.


Go Logic

Just as the Contraption series investigates social and political conspiracies, Logic investigates those same narratives through simple and complex arithmetic and weirdness.


I built a pyramid as a tribute to the funkmasters that summoned me to Atlanta, The Dungeon Family.


"I was watching it and there was this segment on pyramids. They were saying the pyramids were probably created by aliens because of all of the mathematics that went into making it," he says. “For some reason, the Dungeon Family occurred to me at that moment [because of the way] they take bits and pieces of things and mix it together. They have black righteousness and then they [add] some funk shit, then they have some street shit…. It’s a very American way of doing things.”


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