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High Museum Sprawl

Drawing Outside the Lines

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July 18 - October 04, 2015 

A sequel to the celebrated 2013 exhibition Drawing Inside the Perimeter, this second installment brings together a diverse selection of over one hundred recently acquired drawings by artists working both inside and outside the Atlanta perimeter.

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Inspired by
Norman Rockwell 

Center For The Arts
80 Forsyth St N.W., ATL

April 2, 2015

March 20-May 29

#Art #artshow #Atlanta #OccasionalSuperstar #NormanRockwell


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Hello. My name is Fabian and I built a pyramid. A Dungeon Family Pyramid to be exact. Why because their work is the reason why I ended up in Atlanta, GA.


Norman Rockwell has always been an influence in my work. My early days as a commercial illustrator was guided by Rockwell’s stylistic characterization in his famous Saturday Evening Post covers. In preparing to promote the upcoming 5th Anniversary of the World Wide Art Federation, I WAS THINKING to use Rockwell’s famous “Gossip” to address how members of the WWAF would spread insults leading up the art battle. In this Gossip piece, the founder, yours truly, instigates a rumor of longtime friend/competitor CP The Artist.

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8” x 10”