It all started when I went to the opening night of a group show I am in called Smothered By The Things We Love. It's about the pressures of the holiday season on struggling families and what it does to the people caught trying to satisfy their loved ones with material means.


My picture called the Chrismasatron is a picture of a masked criminal who decides to take up crime to get material goods for his children. Well, as I was showing this painting at the show, my house was being robbed, I assume for the same reasons.


My door was kicked completely in and my camera, laptop and tablet were taken. I've never had anybody break into my house. I live in a quiet neighborhood and Decatur and my neighbors are pretty good on the lookout.


Needless to say, these items are what I use to make money as an independent contractor. The camera is for shooting, the laptop is for editing video and graphic design. It will be a cold winter and lousy christmas for my loved ones without equipment to move forward. Not to mention, I'm shooting a TV show with that camera called Merica.



Merica is a kid show for adults based off my art series called The Contraption. The Contraption are Rube Goldberg inspired drawing paintings and sculptures that like Goldberg's designs are over complicated machines used to produce a simple task. Merica works in a similar way using puppets, animation and dance through satirical execution.


It's being produced by a small team of me and my colleagues since May 2015. The equipment stolen plays a huge part in the production and I want to keep the ship rolling. The show is part of my continuing work that analyzes the problems and division of America and offers solutions to fix those same problems through puppetry, animation and dance. It's a fun concept that me and my friends are happily dedicating our time to bringing to fruition.


In exchange for your support, I would like to offer some goodies from my creative toolbox to give back for you helping me get through this period. I have prints of artwork that I've been working on that I can give with each donation.


$20 - signed print

$100 - silk screen print of a contraption

$500 - 8"x10" drawing of a contraption

$1000 - 40"x30" Painting of a contraption


The money will be used to:


Fix my door, (completely knocked off the hinges)

Replace my camera, Canon 7D (used for shooting commerical and production)

Laptop, HP

Tablet, Asus (used for painting references and writing)


I cannot thank you enough for your support and this will definitely play a roll in the show as the show is about community and how we can solve our own problems.


p. 310.999.3491